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Open the Door to Innovative
Genetic Discoveries

We take genetic discovery to a new level by combining genetic analysis with advanced technology and expertise.

We offer a variety of next-generation sequencing services such as whole genome sequencing, metagenome sequencing, CRISPR off-target sequencing, RNA analysis and more.
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in Bioinformatics

We Are Here to Decode Genetic Information! Our experienced team is here to maximise your scientific projects with the latest technology and customised approaches.

Join us to discover and understand genetic information, let's expand the frontiers of science together
Pioneering Biotechnology:
Shaping the Future with CRISPR

We manage your CRISPR projects from start to finish and aim for excellence with comprehensive services such as experimental design (Setup), sgRNA design, sgRNA cloning, sgRNA synthesis, CRISPR construct preparation, CRISPR validation, off-Target analysis and academic reporting.
person in white long sleeve shirt holding green and white labeled can
person in white long sleeve shirt holding green and white labeled can
The Basis of Science: We Offer Advanced Analyses with Laboratory Services

We strengthen your scientific projects by offering a wide range of laboratory services such as DNA and RNA Isolation, Cell Culture, Primer/Probe design and synthesis, PCR-qRT-PCR, LAMP, Sanger sequencing and gene cloning.
Cutting-Edge Genomic Analysis Technologies for All

Ficus Bio specializes in providing a wide range of services related to genomics, microbiome research, CRISPR technology, and general DNA/RNA laboratory operations.

With a strong focus on cutting-edge advancements in the field, we offer comprehensive solutions for clients in the biotech/pharma and healthcare industry.

person holding orange and white toothbrush
person holding orange and white toothbrush

We are thrilled to share with you our extensive portfolio of published articles in renowned journals like Nature, PLOS ONE, PNAS, Plant Biotechnology and Frontiers.

These articles reflect our dedication to cutting-edge research and our passion for contributing to the forefront of scientific discovery.

Revolutionizing Science:
Our Proven Research Achievements

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